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24 April 2017

State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

is pleased to announce

The XIX International Scientific and Research Conference




The conference will be held

at the “Zelena Bucha” Main Training center

in Bucha town, Kyiv region,

on 25-26 May 2017

Participants registration starts on May 25, at 9.00 a.m.

Conference official opening on May 25, at 11.00 a.m.


The key topics to be discussed at the conference, concerning juridical, scientific, technical and economic aspects of information protection ensuring are following:

-         Legislative and regulatory issues in the field of information protection

-         Topical problems of ensuring the information security in cyberspace

-         Modern special communications radio technical facilities construction prospects and problems

-         Technical solutions and proposals for modern protected information network construction

-         Actual problems of personnel training in the field of information protection


The conference programme consists of plenary and panel sessions, sectional meetings, seminars and round tables on above-mentioned issues.


The plenary session agenda includes discussions on the main achievements and problems in field of information security, statements of State Service’s of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine heads, Ukrainian ministries and state agencies spokesmen, leading national and foreign enterprises representatives.


The conference is aimed at creation of facilities for agreeing principles and elaborating recommendations to ensure security and mutual trust during the information and telecommunication systems construction and exploitation, at promotion of international collaboration in providing information protection and knowledge exchange among scientists, experts, entrepreneurs and national authorities members. 



Conference Programme


Panel sessions, seminars and round tables agendas


Conference attendance policy






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